The science of beauty

recent studies show that we are becoming increasingly aware of the vibrational nature of the Universe.

Scientists are now showing interesting evidence that our cells produce magnetic fields and mechanical vibrations. This continuous oscillation produces energy which, depending on its frequency, is believed to impact skin's aging process.

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The first field of study is that conducted by Professor Siro Passi - biochemistry expert in dermatology and anti-ageing - in the area of oxidative stress and cellular aging.

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The second field of study is the research carried out by Professor Carlo Ventura - Scientific Director of SWITH (Stem Wave Institute for Tissue Healing) on vibrational cell biology and its effects on health.

"In nature, all is vibration and harmony. The cellular life and, therefore, the wellbeing and the beauty are threatened by disharmony and oscillatory unbalance"

professor. carlo ventura

From the grape

The Oligomere ProCyanidine (OPCs) protect against aesthetic damage caused by free radicals.

From the sea

It has a nourishing action that helps to preserve the natural skin balance, mitigate skin redness and regulate the physiological renewal process and natural mobility of skin cells.

From the heart

Quartz releases positive vibrations that enhance the skin's health and radiance.


Present in all of the cells, it is significantly involved in the production of energy .

Lipoic acid

Known as a "universal antioxidant", it protects the skin from aesthetic damage caused by free radicals, reduces the skin redness and regulates the production of sebum.

Vitamin E

Known for being a powerful chain-breaking antioxidant and helps to maintain the skin barrier and acts in synchronicity and synergy with CoQ10.

Vitamin C

Known as ascorbic acid, it helps to counter the effects of physiological processes of collagenase and elastase on the skin.

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