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Since a long time engaged in the healthcare field, with a background in chemistry and a passion for sciene, Lucia Magnani has always looked for innovation, research, and experimentation.

As a Chemist, an executive in the healthcare field, President of Long Life Clinic in Castrocaro Terme, Lucia has innovated the field of health, well-being, and cosmetics because she believes that "A truly evolved society is able to match health and wellbeing for a better future. Who carries harmony inside, reflects it outside, for his own wellbeing and for the reflection of society".

Lucia Magnani talking with scientists

Inspiring principles

"Often, seeds can travel in the air for a long time before they put down roots and grow plants.? If I look back at my life, I can envision the seeds that nurtured my ideas"

Scientific flasks

The first seed is chemistry

My chemistry teacher, the researchers I have met, my studies surrounded by test tubes and reagents, and my work as an executive in the health services sector led me to further my knowledge and studies on the theme of prevention and the role of antioxidants in contrast procedures, not only in the aging process but also in illnesses, and their function in maintaining the best possible biochemical balance.

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The second seed is prevention

Prevention comes from the Latin meaning, "arrive earlier, anticipate". People who live Long Life Formula®, love their life and anticipate what is to come, and so, they adopt lifestyles today that will allow them to be in shape and feel well balanced with themselves and with others. Focusing on health isn't always enough. We must be well balanced and have equilibrium in everything we do: movement, nutrition, thoughts.

Italian countryside

The third seed is energy

Lucia Magnani has always believed that energy is fundamental in life, as it is a positive activator of balance, health, and wellness. Similarly, the heat of the sun, the sound of the sea and the colors of her Italian earth have been a stimulus to live life as pure pleasure, savoring every moment.

Lucia Magnani in the lab

Why Skincare?

Lucia Magnani's skincare regime goes beyond science, it develops into emotion. The application of these products releases the positive energy that is hidden inside us, the same energy caused by the harmonic vibration inside our cells.

Petri dishes

Our organism is a complex of intelligent cells, provided with a memory and a specific function. A cell can carry out its function in a correct way only if it is well fed and well protected. Each cell of the body emanates an electromagnetic vibration that belongs to it, called from Prof. Bruce Lipton "the awareness of the cell", a kind of energetic signature that varies in accordance with the state of health of the cell.

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Lucia Magnani cosmetics activate positive vibrations by creating balance, well-being, and beauty through the 7 ingredients for a long life: carefully selected and scientifically proved antioxidants (CoQ10, Vitamin E, Vitamin C e Alha Lipoic Acid, vitis vinifera), the minerals of the natural green salso-bromo-iodic waters of Castrocaro Terme that donate brightness and unique clarity, the quartz that fortifies and spreads a positive energy. The energy that can be touched immediately with a tangible feeling of freshness and revitalization, infused with the bergamot fragrance, a characteristic of Italy, and lived through the sensuality of the package.


"Some meetings can change your life."

Lucia Magnani and Marc Rosen

The meeting between Lucia Magnani and the internationally acclaimed designer Marc Rosen created the synergy that inspired the 'shell' of Lucia Magnani's unique products. Her dream of beautiful packaging, a work of art designed for her, that is elegant, ergonomic and memorable. The crystal clear oval jars topped with art deco inspired tortoise shell patterned caps are both contemporary and classical.

Castrocaro bird's eye view


Castrocaro is the 'Home' of Lucia Magnani, where the "Long Life Formula®" was born.

Here, Lucia Magnani has created a unique combination: she combined the thermal waters of the 7 million-year-old sea and the submerged "velvet mud" with her passion for chemistry, health, prevention, and beauty. In this 'Home' Lucia Magnani redefined beauty, and here the Lucia Magnani Skin Care line was born.